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The Little Online Book of Quitting Smoking - Table of Contents

Page 1 - Quitting smoking - The most important rule - Giving up is your decision

Page 2 - Giving up smoking - What will you gain by quitting?

Page 3 - Do you enjoy smoking? - What is it you enjoy?

Page 4 - So what else do you enjoy about smoking? - Enjoy stopping smoking instead

Page 5 - The truth about smoking - It's not enjoyment, just satisfied cravings

Page 6 - Is smoking addictive? - Smoking is a strong habit

Page 7 - Stop smoking forums - Look for success stories to motivate you

Page 8 - What are the effects of quitting smoking - Nicotine leaves your body quickly

Page 9 - Smoking facts and fiction - Quitting doesn't have to be hard

Page 10 - Why is willpower such a hard way to stop smoking? -
Because deep down you still want to smoke

Page 11 - Set positive goals - Have positive reasons for quitting

Page 12 - The best and easiest way to stop smoking - Quit positively

Page 13 - What happens next? - Your body detoxes and rids itself of nicotine

Page 14 - How to break the smoking habit? - Create a positive new habit

Page 15 - Affirmations for smoking cessation - Develop positive sayings to build new habits

Page 16 - Health benefits of quitting smoking - Stop smoking and your health can recover

Page 17 - Other health benefits of stopping smoking - You'll quickly notice positive changes

Page 18 - You will look and feel healthier - Remember what it's like to be a non-smoker

Page 19 - The cost of smoking - How much could you save if you stopped?

Page 20 - When is the best time to quit smoking? - Whenever it feels right to you

Page 21 - Turning failure into success - Don't think in terms of failing

Page 22 - Do Zyban and other smoking cessation drugs work? -
You must take medical advice on medication

Page 23 - Natural ways to quit smoking - Consider trying hypnotherapy

Page 24 - Smoking cessation and weight gain - Non smokers are generally fitter and healthier

Page 25 - You don't need a substitute for smoking - You're not losing anything

Page 26 - The benefits of stopping smoking - Smoking doesn't help you to relax

Page 27 - Cutting down on smoking - Do you really want to give up?

Page 28 - Smoking withdrawal symptoms - Irritability, tension and insomnia

Page 29 - Permanent and natural smoking cessation - Make a 100% commitment to stopping

Page 30 - Using your imagination to help you quit smoking - Imagine yourself a non-smoker

Page 31 - The harmful effects of smoking - Think about the positive effects of not smoking

Page 32 - The smoking experience - What is it like for you?

Page 33 - How to give up smoking - Summary so far - Five key points to stopping

Page 34 - Smoking and serious illness - Quit smoking and reduce your risk

Page 35 - Will I ever be free from smoking? - This can happen within a few days

Page 36 - Why doesn't smoking kill more quickly? - You are gradually poisoning yourself

Page 37 - But I could be run over by a truck tomorrow! - Question negative beliefs

Page 38 - What happens when you stop smoking? - Physical and psychological benefits

Page 39 - Stopping children smoking - Breaking the cycle - Children copy adults

Page 40 - Your next cigarette will cost you £100,000 - Just one cigarette is impossible

Page 41 - How to quit smoking - Emotion versus logic - Smoking is not a logical decision

Page 42 - Stop smoking tips - Get angry - Think about your positive and healthy future

Page 43 - No smoking - Good luck for your future as a non-smoker

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