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Stress and Anxiety Management

Although you may not realise it, we all manage stress in the course of our day-to-day lives. For example, if after having an argument with someone you then watch TV or go for a walk to put it out of your mind, you are actually practicing a form of stress management. These kinds of activities are also known as coping strategies. We are basically dealing with the external pressure before it ever becomes actual stress.

Important Health Warning

Stress is a medical condition. Many of us function under some amount of pressure most or all of the time, but if you find that you are suffering from regular or chronic stress, then you must see a doctor. He or she will be able to advise you on appropriate and effective techniques and treatments for alleviating your stress. Anxiety is also a medical condition, and again, if you are feeling anxious every day then we strongly recommend that you speak to a medical professional for advice. The ideas discussed on this website in relation to stress, are aimed at helping you with the type of day-to-day pressures that everybody recognises.

Relaxation techniques for stress management

Anyone can learn stress management techniques, which include yoga, self-hypnosis and meditation. You can attend classes, or buy books, CDs and DVDs to learn and develop these kinds of stress management techniques, but there are also some very simple relaxation techniques that you can find out about here, and which can be practiced in your own home.

You can try this free audio course to learn self hypnosis:
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For example, how about when you come home from a hard and stressful day at work, rather than immediately going into your usual evening routine such as preparing dinner, have a long relaxing bath, or do some exercise. Alternatively, you could find a nice quiet, comfortable place where you can lie down and relax, and take some time to do some relaxing breathing. In your mind, take yourself on a journey to a relaxing place - this could be anywhere you can imagine, such as a peaceful forest, or tranquil mountain stream.

Absolutely anyone can learn these relaxation and visualisation skills. To make them work effectively for you, the important thing is to visualise things that you like and which create a warm and relaxed feeling.

What is a stress management program?

A stress management program is either an individual or group training course or session which:

A typical stress management program will include training in the areas of: relaxation technique, assertiveness, healthy lifestyle, time management and problem solving.

Learning self-hypnosis or meditation are two great stress management techniques that anyone can learn. Click here for our free guide to self-hypnosis.

There is also a free stress management ebook on this website which you may find helpful.

Other Stress Management Products

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy work on a subconscious level to help become less stressed. Until you are genuinely willing to make the changes the goal actually seems very difficult to achieve.

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- Stress relief and tension reducing techniques

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Hypnotherapy Resources

The Little Online Books are not specifically hypnotherapy publications. They are practical and thought provoking guides to achieving specific goals and outcomes. Titles so far available include; How to Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Golf Tips and Stress Management. Other planned titles include; Self Confidence, Public Speaking and Driving Test Nerves.

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Using Self Hypnosis to manage stress! Free, easy to use Guide