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Self-Hypnosis FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Self Hypnosis

Who can use self-hypnosis?

Studies to determine people's susceptibility to hypnosis have found that nearly everyone is hypnotizable. Self-hypnosis that uses proven techniques, and is personalised to take into account a person's own perceptions of their own experiences, can be almost always successful. Some people can learn self-hypnosis very quickly, whilst others take more time, however almost everybody can learn to use self hypnotism successfully.

You can learn self hypnotism quickly and easily with this free course. It includes hypnotic inductions and exercises:
Free Self Hypnotism Course

Where should I practice?

The ideal place for self-hypnosis will be somewhere that is private, safe, comfortable and peaceful. This will usually be indoors but it is possible to practice self hypnosis anywhere. Just try to ensure you will be comfortable and free from noise disturbance or interruptions.

Can I practice anytime?

You can practice whenever you are able to set aside a few minutes free from disturbance or interruption. However self-hypnosis should never be practiced when driving, operating machinery or carrying out any other activity that requires your full attention.

How long should I practice?

Quality of time is more important than length of time. Set aside some designated time when you won't be disturbed, 15 to 20 minutes a day as a guide. Remember that time spent practicing self-hypnosis is time invested in yourself to make positive self-change, so practice regularly. Also, as you become more practiced you may find that you need less time.

Should I sit or lie down?

It doesn't matter, being comfortable is what's important so do what's most natural for you. For many people a relaxed sitting position with the head supported is most comfortable. Lying down may make it too easy to drift off to sleep - although if your goal is to use self-hypnosis to sleep then that would be fine!

Should my eyes be closed?

Again, it doesn't matter, but most people feel more relaxed with their eyes closed. Many people skilled in self hypnosis can enter trance with their eyes open, but most people will find it easier with eyes closed to start with.

What kind of results should I expect?

You should expect to make positive changes that will benefit your life, based on the suggestions given during hypnosis. Remember, change is a natural part of our existence and happens to us and all around us every day. To expect change to happen is perfectly natural.

How can I make the process easier each time?

At some point during your hypnosis you can give yourself a suggestion that you will enter trance more easily and quickly next time. For example, when in trance say to yourself "I can easily return to this deeply relaxed and focussed state of awareness again whenever I choose, simply by taking a few deep and relaxing breaths".

We hope this Self Hypnosis FAQs page has helped to answer your questions about self hypnotism and has helped you about to learn how to use self hypnosis more effectively.

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